State of roads a concern for motorist

"Even though there will be larger pipes maintenance must be done and the pipes must be silted,"

By Stephan Lehman

Motorist Elizabeth Van Genderen has raised concerns about the condition of roads in the Meadowdale area.

Van Genderen said the roads in the area have begun to deteriorate and a “gully” has formed along Herman Road.

She said she has driven through the Meadowdale area for the past four years on her way to work.

It is her belief that a lack of stormwater infrastructure on the R24 side of Herman Road is to blame.

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“Because there is no stormwater infrastructure, the water accumulates and erodes the soil near the edge of the road,” said van Genderen.

As a result of the erosion, there is now a drop-off from the tar to the soil.

Van Genderen said she does not feel safe with the drop-off and believes that anyone driving a small car could damage their cv joints or steering system of their car.

Clr Tiziana Plaskitt, ward 92, inside one of the concrete pipes. The pipes will be used to improve the stormwater infrastructure in the area when the municipality begins construction of a road which will connect Brickfield and Sam Green roads.

She said the roads in the area are not built for the amount and type of traffic which travels through the area.

Ward 92’s Clr, Tiziana Plaskitt, said the municipality has started a project which will see greater stormwater infrastructure and a new road constructed in the Meadowdale area.

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She said the new road will join Brickfield and Sam Green Roads and should be called Joseph Road.

Plaskitt said the larger stormwater pipes will lessen the amount of flooding when it rains heavily.

“Even though there will be larger pipes, maintenance must be done and the pipes must be desilted,” said Plaskitt.

She added that although new systems might be installed one can never plan for nature.

At this stage it is not known when the project will begin but heavy machinery and large concrete pipes can be seen at the Brickfield and Flemming Roads intersection.

Plaskitt said in the last financial year, the city had put money aside to repair Herman Road.

“An engineer from the municipality assessed the road and decided that it was not necessary to repair the road. I don’t know how the engineer came to the decision and I am following up on the matter.”

Like van Genderen Plaskitt believes that with increased development in the area, the roads have not been able to cope.

A request for comment was sent to the City of Ekurhuleni on September 29 on the states of the roads and the planned project.

A comment was requested by October 2 at 9 am.

At the time of going to print no comment had been received.

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Concerned motorist Elizabeth Van Genderen.

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