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Consider these options for a more youthful appearance

Whether we like it or not we all start noticing gravity taking its toll on not only our bodies but our faces too.

Whether we like it or not we all start noticing gravity taking its toll, on not only our bodies but our faces too.

Either due to weight loss or the natural ageing process, our eyebrows, cheeks, jowls and neck start to lose volume and structure and start to sag, often giving a ‘bull dog’ or sad looking appearance.

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We are fortunate that these days there are several treatment options to help prevent ageing in the first place, as well as to treat or maintain a more youthful, happy appearance.

There are multiple reasons for sagginess and loss of structure of the face and neck – sun damage, lifestyle such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise and even stress wreaks havoc.

Our genetics can often play a role as well.

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Regardless of the reason, most of us want to age gracefully and feel good about ourselves for as long as possible.

Looking after our skin by reducing sun damage – pigmentations marks and vascularity – using medical aser treatments, sometimes combined with medical peels not only make us look younger and more glowy but improve the actual quality of our skin too.

To help maintain structure and promote collagen production, the use of Dermal Fillers to gently lift and support the face makes a huge difference.

These help lift the cheeks and jowl areas, as well as improving volume in the temples, chin and even the lips.

All of this aids in a less saggy, more youthful look and prevents further drooping.

The use of Botulinum Toxin to reduce overactive muscle movement around the eyes, frown, forehead and chin helps minimise fine lines and can freshen things.

We have been fortunate for the past two years to have the Silhouette Soft Lift procedure available in SA. Of course we are not performing a surgical facelift with this, but the use of these sutures placed in the Subcutaneous tissue of the face – to help lift eyebrows, cheeks and neck – we are able to provide support to the tissues and hence skin, preventing sagginess and rejuvenating our appearance.

As we age, the eye area in particular can make us look tired – lack of sleep and stress don’t help.

The non surgical Plasmage Blepharoplasty has been able to help firm and tighten the upper and lower eye lids to reduce that ‘tired’ look.

All of these treatments, are to name but a few, create a Natural looking result with minimal or no downtime and offer a more cost effective way to anti-age.

It is now possible to feel more confident and youthful but at the same time look naturally refreshed and ready to tackle the year ahead.

Information provided by Dr Julie Sinclair at Sinclair Aesthetics, 011 453 3450/2 or email

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