It is a Jeep, but it is also a Ford

The Ford GPW Jeep boasts a royal connection. In fact, you could refer to it as a ‘veteran’.

In November 1942, King George VI and General Carl A Spaatz, commander of strategic air forces in Europe, visited their troops in a Ford GPW Jeep to boost their morale, and now this Jeep, fully restored, is up for auction.

Ford GPW Jeeps were built from 1942 to 1945 and, not unlike the well-known and beloved Willys-built Jeep, are icons. More than 500 000 Ford Jeeps were built under licence from Willys.

George VI visited the troops at the Chelveston Aerodrome, which was originally opened in August 1941.

More information about this vehicle, if you are interested, is available on

Are you ready to predict how much this Ford Jeep will fetch on auction? A pretty penny it will be, for sure!

Source: Newspress


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