Get the most out of summer as a vegan in SA

Plant-based choices are at the forefront of food trends in the country this year.

As South Africans are enjoying the vibrant summer weather, many spend this time with family, on the beach, or in the great outdoors, all the while enjoying good food.

Those seeking healthier and plant-based options for the festive season won’t need to search too extensively.

Plant-based choices are at the forefront of food trends in the country this year.

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ProVeg, a global food awareness organisation, recently predicted a compound annual growth of 7.7% in the plant-based protein market over the next five years.

This forecast points towards a booming industry and this growth underscores a shifting global awareness towards sustainable and plant-forward eating habits.

For those seeking a healthier and plant-based twist to their festive season, the good news is that the vibrant world of plant-based choices is taking centre stage.

Whether you’re a committed vegan or someone looking to explore the diverse world of plant-based cuisine, now is the time to explore an array of superfoods.

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Embrace fresh, local produce
Summer brings an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Incorporate a rainbow of colours into your meals with vibrant salads, fruit bowls and refreshing smoothies.

Master the vegan braai
There’s no South African festive season without a good old braai.
There are some great vegan alternatives that you can enjoy around the fire, including grilled vegetable skewers, marinated tofu and vegan burgers.

Cooling vegan treats
Beat the summer heat with dairy-free ice cream, sorbets, and frozen fruit popsicles, making your summer desserts both indulgent and healthy.

Explore global flavours
Take your taste buds on a journey by exploring international cuisines that naturally incorporate plant-based options.
A variety of these scrumptious are readily available at a vegan restaurant near you.

Hydrate with infused waters
Stay refreshed under the summer heat by infusing water with slices of citrus, berries or herbs.
Infused waters add a burst of flavour without any added sugars or artificial ingredients.

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