Watch: Snapping croc grabs elephant’s trunk

While crocs are usually no more than an irritation for elephants, one was determined to have the final say.

An insistent crocodile tried numerous times to grab hold of elephants that kept coming back to drink at a dam at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.

This irritated the herd… Until the croc grabbed an elephant’s nose!

The video below, depicting footage from various sightings captured by Africam’s dam cams at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, was shared with Latest Sightings.

According to the article published by Latest Sightings, elephants can drink well over 200l of water per day and are always looking for the cleanest water sources.

This waterhole overlooking the Zambezi National Park is thus the perfect spot for them, which is probably why they kept returning, even after a few encounters with the elephant-hating crocodile.

“The interactions led to nothing more than a few light-hearted frights in the beginning. However, this crocodile was persistent. Every time the herd came for a drink, it made its way towards them and waited in stealth for an opportunity to strike.”

One morning, the croc was waiting exactly where an elephant decided to drink. It waited patiently, letting the elephant take a sip. When the elephant went to take another sip, the crocodile snapped, grabbing the tip of the elephant’s trunk.

The elephant let out a scream and pulled back, dragging the croc, which wouldn’t let go, out of the water.

The rest of the herd scattered and, in desperation, the elephant shook its head,  flinging the crocodile like a ragdoll.


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