Dog poisoning incidents worry police

Recent dog poisoning incidents in the Boksburg area have raised a few alarms with the Boksburg North SAPS.

According to Boksburg North SAPS communications officer, Lieut Juanita Coetzer, the reported cases of dog poisoning concern the police because in the past, similar cases were connected to house break-in incidents.

Lieut Coetzer says that in the past dogs would get poisoned one day and a few days later the house the dog belonged to would get burgled.

“However, we were recently alerted to the dog fight syndicate and were told that people involved in the fights were prone to poisoning big dogs in a yard in order to get to the small one.

“We were told that the small dogs are stolen and used as bait in the fights,” explains Coetzer.

She adds that this is not always the case with poisoned dogs, but says people should be weary nonetheless.

“We were notified that the perpetrators are said to be using some sort of agricultural poisoning. If your dog appears to have been poisoned, we advise that you call a vet and the police,” she says.

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