Lack of EMPD presence a problem

A Sunward Park resident has raised his concerns over the EMPD ignoring complaints from residents in the area.

“We lodged numerous complaints about bylaw violations, speeding, the disregard of stop signs, reckless and negligent driving, among others,” he says.

The resident adds that residents even signed a petition to get the EMPD to start enforcing bylaws.

“On October 25, there was a serious accident on the corner of Kingfisher and Rondebult roads, we called the EMPD four times and they failed to respond leaving it up to the CPF to provide scene safety while EMS treated the injured.”

He says that one three-way stop in Sunward Park is ignored to such an extent that many motorists fail to come to a stop at it.

“Must we wait for one of our children to be killed before they start doing their jobs?”

Supt Wilfred Kgasago, spokesperson for the EMPD, says that the location and all the problems raised will be attended to over a period of a week.

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