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Ekurhuleni spends R1.6 billion on ‘stagnant’ BRT system

A reply to a Parliamentary question revealed that over R1.6 billion has been spent on the Ekurhuleni Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system that is already 15 months behind in becoming operational.


The total amount spent on the BRT system to date is R1 687 509 216 out of a total budget of R2 272 685 751.

This is according to Michael Waters MP, DA Deputy Chief Whip in the National Assembly and Lethabong Constituency Head.

“Despite the huge investment into the BRT system, and the original date of June 2016 for the BRT to become fully operational, it still has not met the target of making it partially operational (kerbside) by the end of this month, which is a staggering 15 months behind the original deadline,” said Waters.

The Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system will also be running through Boksburg.


Phase 1 of BRT Harambee system implemented 

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While no additional money is needed for the BRT system to become fully operational, there is an amount of R660 million in the current 2017/18 Ekurhuleni budget for infrastructure and operations.

When asked what the reasons for the delay are, the Minister of Transport Joe Maswanganyi provided the following:

(a)  Delays in the procurement process for the various work streams, especially BRT Infrastructure. Currently, the stations, stream crossings, pedestrian bridges, bridges on the trunk route are still under construction.

(b)  The slow pace of construction by some of the infrastructure contractors as well as financial cash flow challenges, and lack of performance experienced by some contractors, some of whom had their contracts terminated.

(c)  The protracted process of negotiations between the Ekurhuleni metro and the Ekurhuleni Taxi Industry, and the long process of establishment of the Special Purpose Vehicle (Vehicle Operating Company named KTVR), which will be contracted for the BRT operations by the City of Ekurhuleni.

 “I will be asking further questions on the BRT system as the most obvious question is still unanswered – when will the BRT system become fully operational in order to provide the residents of Ekurhuleni safe and reliable public transport?”

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