2024Elections: Remove your election posters before time runs out

The deadline for removal of posters is end of business tomorrow.

The City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) vows that its outdoor advertising unit and city planning will this time around tighten its noose on violation of the by-laws in relation to the removal of posters and other campaign material from public spaces.

The metro had given political parties that contested the recent elections 14 days from elections day to remove their posters or risk being slapped with a fine. And, as a friendly reminder, encourages parties to adhere to the stipulated rules.

The city reiterated its statement saying: “Any material not removed by tomorrow, will be removed by the city across all wards and the applicable political party will be charged a tariff/removal fee of R57.69 per poster, as prescribed by Schedule 19 of the City’s promulgated tariffs for the 2023/24 Financial Year.”

Metro spokesman Zweli Dlamini explained: “In terms of the by-laws, no posters shall be displayed for longer than the period extending from the beginning of the date of proclamation in the Government Gazette of an upcoming referendum or election to the end of the fourteenth day after the date of such an election.”

If you have any queries about this matter, the city’s outdoor advertising unit and city planning will answer them:
Northern and Eastern Region:
Southern Region:

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