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Honouring frontline workers on Father’s Day

The Boksburg Advertiser wishes its readers a Happy Father's Day.

As we celebrate Father’s Day on June 16, the Boksburg Advertiser takes a moment to acknowledge the tireless efforts of frontline workers who often sacrifice precious time with their families to keep our communities safe and healthy.

Shaylin Kelmovitz (12) is proud of the work his father, Yulrich, does for the community as a firefighter at the Boksburg Central Fire Station. Yulrich reiterates the importance of children having a father figure in their lives. “I believe if the father is a good person, the child is a good person,” he said. They are celebrating Father’s Day by having lunch with family members in Reiger Park.

Clinton Festraets’ children, Telicia (13) and Clayton (11) know his job as the owner of a local security company is important as he assists in keeping the community safe. “I often have to leave my family in the middle of dinner to go to an emergency, but they are very supportive, helping me where possible. They even became observant themselves and will inform me if they spot a suspicious-looking car, for example.” Festraets encouraged fathers to take responsibility for their children.

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