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Blackouts leave residents at mercy of cold weather

The restoration time is still unknown.

Several townships in the southern part of Boksburg have no electricity amid the extremely cold weather.

The biting cold weather is forecast to hit many parts of Gauteng from last night and remain in place for the next few days.
The areas affected by the blackouts, which started yesterday evening, include Dawn Park, Groenewerde, parts of Windmill Park and the surrounding areas.

According to frustrated residents, the power went off at about 18:00, and the restoration time is still unknown.
It’s still undetermined if the outages were caused by high power demand, probably caused by the extreme cold – which usually puts pressure on the grid.

The municipality just told this publication that its technicians are trying to locate the fault behind the outages.
The city will communicate the restoration time later on.

Wilma Cochrane’s household is among the hundreds left without power in Windmill Park Ext 2. She said the power went off and on at least three times in the afternoon before the prolonged outage started in the evening.
“This power issue severely impacts small township businesses, people working from home, school children and the communities. People must now look for alternative measures to cook and keep their families warm in the extreme cold.
“The most concerning part is that we are not told when they will restore the power. Our calls to the city’s call centre are dropped. We would appreciate it if the energy department acts quickly, considering it is cold and children are returning to school.”

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