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How to throw a sensational spa party for tween girls.

There are holidays and long weekends this month … if you’ve tween girls, throw a spa party. They’ll love you for it!  

  • Keep it small so you can really spoil them with pampering treats.
  • Choose a basic colour theme and then add details like headbands, eye masks, toe separators and nail polish.
  • Look for ideas online; there are some fabulous DIY food and decor ideas on Pinterest.
  • Set the scene with signs to the spa, scented candles and bowls of water with floating flowers in them.
  • Ask guests to bring their own dressing gowns and then surprise each of them with a pair of flip-flops or disposable slippers that they can take home as a gift.
  • Serve fruit skewers, ice tea and non-alcoholic bubbly in Champagne flutes on arrival; you can also personalise water bottles.
  • Use homemade sugar scrubs for hand and foot exfoliation (you can make these in advance) and cold slices of cucumber for eyes.
  • Buy sheet face masks; they’re mess-free and fun to use.
  • Ask a friend to help you paint nails or chat to a salon about the mini home treatments they may offer.
  • Order pizza and put on a girly movie after the spa treatments.
  • If it’s a birthday party, create a fun alternative to a cake with a tower of doughnuts and sparklers as candles; look for a fun birthday topper too.
  • Book yourself into a real spa afterwards!  

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