Five tips to get your home ready for the holidays

Take all the stress out of the festive season with these easy preparation tips.

The festive season is around the corner, which means it’s time to zhoosh up your home and get it all sparkly and spotless for holiday entertaining. 

To help make this, sometimes daunting, task a little easier, Seeff Property Group share five tips to help you get it all together: 

  1. Make a list: As with anything you need to get done, making a checklist is always a great way to start. Plan your Christmas gift list, buy the gifts and the wrapping in advance and plan everything you’d like to get done. This way, you will avoid the last minute, mad rush and instead go into the holidays feeling in control and ready to relax. 
  2. Get the big clean done early: No one feels like washing curtains and rugs during the festive season. Get these big, spring cleaning jobs done now already and prep your guest room, so that both you and your domestic worker can enjoy some downtime over the Christmas period. 
  3. Plan and prep your menu: Draw up a menu and make as many freezer meals as possible. Don’t leave the shopping too late, especially if you are planning festive meals, to avoid disappointment when shops run out of stock of special Christmas treats. 
  4. Fill up your pantry: Avoid long queues and busy shops by shopping in advance and stocking up on basics such as toiletries, cleaning materials and dry goods. This may mean fewer outings, or you could start shopping online for convenience and time saving.
  5. Prepare for load shedding: If you do not yet have an inverter or generator, it might be a good time to get this done because we are likely to face blackouts over the holiday season. A basic system can at least keep the television, internet, security and a few lights on. 

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