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Harvest Centre celebrates diversity

Two cultural holidays celebrated in one.

The Harvest Centre celebrated a magical fusion of Heritage Day and Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) on Friday.

“It’s not every year that these two special days on our calendar land up on the same day so we mixed it up The Harvest way,” said Yakima Waner, the organisation’s founder and chairperson.

“We celebrated them both with glory and pride, the way we always show homage to different cultures which makes our centre strong and resilient.

“We show equality to all celebrations and mankind. This is our winning recipe for making a difference to unite people as opposed to segregation which is society’s weakness.

“Children are our future and we strive to show the forgotten ones that their life is worth celebrating.”

The centre enjoyed arts and crafts using the apple as inspiration.

“We bless each other and ourselves that in the year to come the apples should bring sweetness,” said Waner.

“During this time apples with honey are eaten, the apple representing a sweet new year but the honey expresses how we hope the bees’ stings (the difficulties) bring even sweeter possibilities.”

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The children were encouraged to celebrate their heritage by wearing different types of attire and the new year brought everyone together.

Residents are encouraged to donate food, funds or items which will help the organisation continue its vision of showing all children, from difficult walks of life, that their lives are worth protecting and fighting for.

The Harvest Project may be contacted on 073 080 2133 or at theharvestp@gmail.com

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