Give the perfect gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start planning what you want to buy for your loved one.

Now a dozen roses or a box of chocolates may be appreciated for a while, but if you really want your sweetheart to swoon, here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for all the loved ones on your list:
* Cologne or perfume.
* A favourite book.
* Shoes.
* Gift vouchers.
* Diamond jewellery.
* Boxers or socks with hearts on them.
* Home-made love coupons.
* Spa vouchers.
* A romantic weekend away.
* A love palm.
* Monogramed cushions or towels.
* An old school, handwritten love letter or poem.
* A heart shaped box of chocolates.
* A heart shaped locket.
* A promise ring (for serious relationships).
* A CD.
* iPod.
* A romantic, three course dinner.
* Teddy bear.
* An original recorded love song.
* A charm or tennis bracelet.
* Gadgets.
* Their favourite romantic movie.
* A romantic photo-shoot.
Whichever gift you decide to give your Valentine make sure it comes from the heart.

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