Games to play this Christmas

Looking for a way to keep the family entertained this Christmas?

These games are great for kids and adults alike.


Deck the balls

You will need round Christmas ornaments, a wire line and an empty cardboard tube from Christmas wrapping paper.

Gather two players to compete against each other.

Instruct the players that they must grab a Christmas ornament my picking it up through suction with the cardboard tube then hanging it on the line. The first player or team to hang five Christmas balls wins.


Christmas ball

You will need a rectangular box wrapped with Christmas paper and a Christmas ball ornament.

Gather two or more players to play against each other.

Using the wrapped cardboard box as a fan each player must move the Christmas ball across the floor to a predetermined area. The first player to reach the finish zone wins.


Christmas cliffhanger

You will need 10 Christmas cards and a flat table.

Get two people to play against each other.

Set the Christmas cards so that they are standing up. Tell each player that they must blow the Christmas cards across the table and hang them from the edge of the table.

The player that successfully hangs the most cards without falling off the table wins.


Snowflake race

Hand a paper snowflake to each player to place on top of their heads. When you say ‘go’ the players have to walk from one end of the room to the next without their snowflake falling off their heads and without using their hands


Penguin walk

This game requires you to have a balloon for each player.

They then have to walk from one end of the room to the next holding the balloon in between their legs.

If the balloon falls out of their legs, the player has to start over. The player who gets to the finish first wins this fun holiday game.

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