Volkswagen builds a city to welcome T-Cross

The Volkswagen T-Cross has recently been launched in South Africa making its first public appearance at the Festival of Motoring a few weeks ago.

Editor Sean Nurse was at the media launch and reported back that he was impressed with the cars modern styling, great gearbox and variety of options. He also praised the competitive pricing of the car; click on the link to read his thoughts on the T-Cross! Volkswagen also provided the opportunity for the public to experience the T-Cross at Monte Casino in the form of the T-Cross City.

T-Cross city was an event put together to celebrate the fun side of life, an entire city was constructed at Monte Casino with various elements that included the Goliath & Goliath comedy club which saw some of the biggest names in SA comedy bringing crowds to uncontrollable laughter, there was a jazz at The Marabi Club with the smoothest tunes that Johannesburg has to offer, soccer at Fives Futbol arena,  a virtual reality experience where people could experience the T-Cross as well as other games in VR. There was also the all-important food court with some of the tastiest offerings. The tour ended with sundowners on The Weekend Rooftop party. Each hub had a unique quality about it that dug into our rich South African culture.

The city included test drives where the public could experience the T-Cross in a city like setting; small, narrow streets meandered around the various hubs. Traffic lights and pedestrian crossings were also included at key crossing points. In the middle of the city was the dome where you could get up close to the T-Cross and interact with Volkswagen representatives. The event also played host to the German automaker’s new badge unveiling. The new badge looks more streamlined than before with thinner font, it’s cleaner and modern. Volkswagen is pushing for cleaner propulsion and this was evident at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show which saw a focus on electrification.  As for the T-Cross, well it is available in showrooms and is set to become a very popular sight on South African roads.

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