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The Porsche Boxter is celebrating 25 years

To enhance the celebrating, Porsche will release a limited edition, called the Boxster 25 Years. Only 1 250 units will be available.

This Boxter produces 294 kW and this will take the Boxter from 0-100km/h in four seconds with the top of the clock stopping at 293km/h.

The first Boxter version was launched in 1996 and the model have since found its way to some 357 000 owners.

“One of the most striking features of the special model is the reinterpreted colour Neodyme, a copper-like shimmering brown, which provided an exciting contrast to the basic GT Silver Metallic colour on the pioneering 1993 showpiece.

Another striking element can be found on the fuel filler cap, which is enhanced by Porsche script from the Exclusive Design range.”

The new Boxster 25 Years is available to order now.

First units are expected to arrive in the market end of April 2021.

Source: Porsche

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