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Street turning into a rubbish dump

These polluters are making Fochville's sidewalks unsightly.

Residents living around Hawer Street in Fochville complain that litterbugs are turning the street into a rubbish dump.

A resident of the area, Mr Johan Knell, was up in arms about the problem on Monday. He complains that some Fochville residents dump their black bags of rubbish in the veld next to the street. Some empty their wheelie bins there or send their garden workers to dump their refuse in the veld next to Hawer Street or on other sidewalks in the area. Knell was so furious that he threatened to take photos of the offenders and make posters of them to put up in shops.

When the Herald visited the area on Monday afternoon, it was clear why law-abiding citizens were so upset. Several people have started dumping their rubbish on the gravel path next to the palisade fence of Piet Viljoen Park. Another dumping site is on the sidewalk near the corner of Hawer and Potchefstroom Streets, where several people have also started dumping rubbish.

Meanwhile, other litterbugs also dump their rubbish on the sidewalk about 20 metres further up Hawer Street. A dangerous open maintenance hole is also there.

Residents of other areas notorious for dumping, like Munt Street, have previously complained that once someone starts dumping in an area, it attracts others with no regard for the environment to do the same.
On Monday, the Herald asked the Merafong City Local Municipality when it planned to clean up the rubbish and if it intended to erect no dumping signs in the street. Unfortunately, the spokesperson failed to respond in time for print.

A pedestrian walks past some of the rubbish dumped higher up in Hawer Street.

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