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Big meter project kicks off in Oberholzer

The Merafong City Local Municipality says the first few days of its Token Identifier (TID) compliance rollover project went well this week.

The project, requiring all prepaid meters’ software to be updated, started in Oberholzer on Friday, 1 December.

“The community received the programme well in the starting area of Ward 17 (Oberholzer and surrounding areas). The municipality wishes to express its gratitude for the participation and constructive engagement with the community,” says the acting communications and marketing manager, Ms Nomonde Mahube.

A total of 345 meters had been reset by Monday, 4 December – an average of 86 meters were reset daily.

However, Mabube says some legacy meters cannot be updated or coded to the new TID protocols.

“The municipality shall replace these meters at no cost to the consumers whose accounts and prepaid purchases are up to date,” she says.

Meanwhile, residents registered as indigents who receive the free basic electricity (FBE) allowance will experience challenges in updating.

The TID technical teams will assist such customers as and when they log their complaints on the call centre/TID helpline at the municipal electrical section at (018) 788 9777/9684/9990.

Most of the TID rollover process is automated on the vending system.
If the residents follow the tutorial, as communicated, on how to enter/register the tokens in sequence, there should be no problems or challenges.

The tutorial video is also uploaded on the municipal website www.merafong.gauteng.gov.za and available on Merafong City Local Municipality’s social media platforms.

“It is not a pre-requisite that the TID technical teams visit every household.
We will visit households for technical support should such be required as and when logged at the call centre/TID helpline or as identified by the vending/financial system as a meter to be verified,” Mahube added.

The Herald asked how residents could ensure that the person wanting to access their house is a municipal employee and not a criminal pretending to be one.

“The municipal vehicles utilised for this programme are branded with the official municipal logo. Photos and registration numbers of such vehicles are accessible on municipal social media platforms. Residents can also contact the TID helpline/electrical section (018) 788 9777/9684/9990 to verify the team and registration numbers,” Mahube concluded.

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