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Lexus NX to come to SA bristling with tech

A 14-inch smartphone-like touchscreen allows for intuitive and simple interaction with the new system.

Technology has improved vastly over the years, and with vehicle technology in-car systems and infotainment, that is the expectation from customers, too.

There are lots of impressive state-of-the-art and new-tech features with the intuitive and easy-to-use Lexus system.

A 14-inch smartphone-like touchscreen allows for intuitive and simple interaction with the new system. The high-definition screen (without glare) allows for easy-to-touch functionality, smart controls and simple functionality. The system’s main menu is now on the left side and makes it all extremely easy to use. The system’s intuitive design approach makes storing favourite music stations a breeze. Just press the heart button and it’ll be added to your favourites list. Searching for a specific music genre? The menu will show drivers what stations play their favourites, too.

With Connected Services activated and the available Drive Connect Cloud Navigation, the crisp and clear map screen can be explored with zoom, pan and tilt functionality with intuitive touch control.

The cloud navigation includes Google Point-of-Interest search capability, so navigating to a favourite destination has never been easier and you can also share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with contacts in your phone book. Being WiFi-capable allows for system and navigation updates to be installed “over-the-air” so the vehicle will always be up to date. New roads constructed? Updates will allow the map to include those, too.

Help only a ‘Hey Lexus’ away

“Hey, Hi, Hello, Okay Lexus” – the new Voice Assistant was designed by Toyota Connected and it’s a game changer. The feature allows for natural language conversation and helps with in-car functions such as changing audio settings or climate control in select models.

Lexus designers have done away with the aux cord usage for the new-generation vehicles.

Up to five Bluetooth devices can be paired.

The Lexus mobile app will allow drivers to start the car from their phones. With user profiles, drivers can store preferred vehicle settings via the Lexus app.

The user profiles are also transferrable, so drivers can bring their favourite settings to any Lexus vehicle with the new multimedia system.

Streaming your Apple Music is now possible via WiFi Connect.

The 2022 Lexus NX will be the first Lexus model to include this all-new system.

Lexus NX will launch in South Africa in quarter one of 2023.

Source: MotorPress

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