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Help your child reach their potential

The Student Mentorship Program is a ‘Three’ Phase Program and that supports students during school and beyond, providing guidance into the job market. The programme is also endorsed by the Gauteng Education department.

ALBERTON- The  Gauteng Education Department is the first to recognise the extreme importance of the Student Mentorship Programme and did not hesitate to approve it! Mr Eric Musi, the Senior Education Specialist of School Sport at the Gauteng Education Department and Boitumelo Tana from Strategic Planning, Gauteng Education Department have already endorsed the mentorship programme.

This three-phase programme supports the learner during his or her study career, including tertiary studies and beyond, when it provides guidance into the job market.

Entrepreneur and visionary Rosemarie Lodewick has been doing research into grassroots sport development since 2010, while writing her book, “The Rugby Fan”, that was released at the end of 2013.

This was when she discovered the gaps and challenges that face both the youth and sports.

Research shows that a lack of self-identification is a fundamental emotion that can hamper decision-making.

A lot of youths have vibe and passion, but that does not mean that they have clear direction in terms of what they want to achieve.

Rosemarie has collaborated with a professional network of psychologists, nutritionists, coaches, mentors and spiritual leaders to offer solutions to the youth via the mentorship programme.

She has also collaborated with businessman Nathan Williams, CEO of the Toronto Group and Destiny Communications, who is the pioneer of a USA online coaching group, representing SA and Africa.

Nathan introduced the Disc Psychometric Assessment Programme to Rosemarie, as a fundamental tool to start the mentorship programme.

The USA-based company offers an affordable assessment that is unique and very advanced. It offers a comprehensive 33-page report that identifies the person’s personality and behavioural styles, with key strengths that guide the individual to make suitable choices in general.

In the case of the student, it provides guidance to make suitable subject choices to follow suitable careers.

If you want to help your child to to gain direction and complete the Disc psychometric test at a fraction of the normal price contact Rosemarie Lodewick at 011 026 6855 or at infor@thesportsfan.co.za or www.thesportsfan.co.za

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