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Jafta to close down after 67 years

"It is with heavy hearts that we must let you know that September 30 will be the day that Jafta will be closing its doors." - CEO, Karen Kollosche.

Tenants and personnel at Johannesburg Association for the Aged (Jafta) at The Hill received notices in August informing them that they are closing down on September 30.

In the notice issued by the CEO, Karen Kollosche, it is stated that “We want you to know that we did our best to avoid getting to this point but circumstances pushed our hands. Therefore we request that you find alternative accommodation for your loved ones. Still, we would like you to know how much we appreciate your loyalty to us. Best wishes for the future.”

Jafta cares for the aged

One of the tenants who spoke to COURIER in anonymity said this is not on as it is difficult to find a place to stay at a short notice. “I have been on the phone trying to find alternative accommodation. It is either unavailable or it is expensive. Where will I go?” she said.

David Naude said, “What about the people that don’t have a place to go like my dad? He lives there so what can I do? Please help.”

Kollosche said over the past four years their losses have been approximately R5-million per annum which has drained their reserves.

“At the moment we have 42 residents, a shortfall of 68 residents. Due to the state of the economy and Covid-19, it has been difficult to accommodate new residents. We will assist residents’ families as best we can to find alternative accommodation,” she said.

Pick n Pay Steeledale and On the Dot Ormonde visits Jafta Retirement Village

Forced to close

Ward 56 councillor Michael Crichton said he met with the management of Jafta on September 7.

“Unfortunately, they have been forced to close due to insurmountable debt that has been accumulating over the past few years. Their donors have also gotten less over a period of time and their expenses sadly seem to outweigh their income,” noted Crichton.

Jafta is 67 years old this year. It was first called the Johannesburg Council for the Care of the Aged (JCCA). It was changed to Jafta in 1981 and was registered as a welfare organisation.

Senior citizens live in en-suite bedsitters, assisted living and frail care.

De Freitas visits Jafta Retirement Village

Their mission was to provide affordable, secure and caring accommodation and services to the elderly. They were committed to caring for the aged by providing cost-effective, excellent and efficient service which will result in satisfaction.

They also dealt with all of the residents, their families, members of the public and the staff with dignity, sincerity, respect, transparency and compassion.

It is situated at 153 Southern Klipriviersberg Road, The Hill.

Jafta is closing down

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