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Rewlatch Primary unveils new classrooms, celebrates 70th birthday

The generosity of many helping hands contributed to the completion of the project and a fresh start for the school.

It was a monumental day on February 21 for Rewlatch Primary School as it unveiled its eight new classrooms and celebrated its 70th birthday.

The South African Muslim Charitable Trust and Be Selfless Foundation partnered to make the school’s vision come to life.

In January 2023, it was brought to the attention of the principal, Arleen Steyn, that cats were roaming on the school premises. With the classrooms made of asbestos, the roaming cats would chew on the asbestos, causing ruinous damage to the classrooms.

SAMCT educational consultant Farouk Bayat and principal Arleen Steyn

On another occasion, rain from the previous night caused a classroom to flood, resulting in the build-up of mould and causing severe damage.

Steyn highlighted, “It was then when I realised there was a problem.”

She appealed to the school management team (SMT) and staff for assistance.

Aysha Bangie, Quincy Gobi and Naz Turkey

“A staff member at Rewlatch Primary, Raeesa Safi, was the spark that brought the organisations together. She helped to connect the school to the Be Selfless Foundation, a non-profit organisation established to bridge the gap between the giver and the receiver.“

Being the bridge in the gap between the problem the school was facing and the solution it needed, the Be Selfless Foundation reached out to The South African Muslim Charitable Trust (SAMCT), an organisation established in 2008 to act as a conduit for the provision of funding assets, services and other resources to approved public benefit organisations.

Rasheeda Motala, Quincy Gobi and Farouk Bayat

The project journey began in February 2023 and a year later, the school was honoured to celebrate the unveiling of the new classrooms.

Under the supervision of Mohamed Bilal Ebrahim, the construction began in November 2023. It was completed within two months and ensured the learners could enjoy the new classrooms upon their return for the 2024 academic year.

The plaque is a symbol to commemorate the significant day.

“As a school, we are grateful for this life-changing sponsor and humbled by the generosity of every organisation and individual who ensured the project’s completion,” expressed Steyn.

“The sponsorship of the eight classrooms is an investment of the current and future generations – allowing the learners to learn in a safe and healthy environment.

“Additionally, it is a memorable achievement for the school to have eight new classrooms in the year of their 70th birthday.

HOD intermediate phase Rasumi Durias, principal Arleen Steyn, HOD foundation phase Nonkanyiso Qwane, HOD senior phase Carmen Tibbetts and deputy principal Stephen Douwie.

“The revamping of these classrooms has given us hope in tough times. It will add to the quality of teaching and the future leaders produced at Rewlatch Primary School. We are thankful for the double blessing,” said Steyn.

Learners, teachers and the honourable guests gathered in the school hall for the classroom unveiling and 70th birthday celebration, listening to the addresses delivered by Be Selfless Foundation representatives Naz Turkey and Aysha Bangie, SAMCT representatives, educational consultant Farouk Bayat and social responsibility officer Rasheeda Motala, Ward 57 Clr Faeeza Chame, SGB chairperson Qunicy Gobi and the principal. Rewlatch Primary School honoured their sponsors with certificates of appreciation.

New and improved classrooms for learners.

The plaque was unveiled with the cutting of the ribbon, announcing the full operation of the new classrooms with a final address by the Department of Education representative, Nkululo Matthews.

To further celebrate their significant platinum jubilee, Rewlatch Primary School learners and staff enjoyed an enormous cake baked by Paulo Vieira and the Cake Extreme team.

Rewlatch Primary School is grateful to every hand who assisted in bringing a solution to the problem and making a difference to the school and learners.

Principal Arleen Steyn standing in front of the new classrooms.
Inside the revamped classrooms.
A monumental day celebrated by the school and the organisations.

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