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Kibler Park Secondary’s art class shines bright at Panorama Flea Market

From captivating performances to vibrant art exhibits, the talented students of Kibler Park Secondary's art class shine bright as they raise funds for their school's much-needed resources.

Talented learners of Kibler Park Secondary’s art class showcased their creativity and dedication, leaving a lasting impression at the Panorama Flea Market on February 24.

Kibler Park Secondary teacher Warren Jagels stated that with a shared goal of supporting their school, these young artists and performers showcased their skills and passion to raise funds for much-needed resources.

“Amid the bustling market atmosphere, the students captivated audiences with their enchanting performances.

From soulful singing to wonderful dance routines, they left spectators in awe with their passion and skill.

Additionally, a small art exhibit further highlighted their artistic prowess, drawing admiration from all who visited.“The learners’ commitment to supporting their school was truly commendable as they dedicated their Saturday and Sunday to this noble cause. Their efforts not only showcased their artistic abilities but also showed their selflessness and determination to make a positive impact within their school community.

“Congratulations to the learners of Kibler Park Secondary’s art class for their remarkable achievement at the Panorama Flea Market fundraiser. Your talent, dedication, and generosity have truly made a difference, inspiring us all to reach for our dreams and support those in need. Well done,” said Jagels.

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