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Trinityhouse Glenvista School embraces Grade One learners with bell ceremony

Trinityhouse Glenvista School welcomed Grade One learners with a bell-ringing ceremony, marking the start of their educational journey at the preparatory level.

Trinityhouse Glenvista School recently welcomed their new Grade One learners during the school’s bell-ringing ceremony.

Julia Mail, head of department under academic, said the bell ceremony for Grade One students holds significance as it symbolises their transition into Trinityhouse Glenvista’s preparatory school.

“It marks a new beginning and serves as a rite of passage for these learners as they embark on their educational journey at the school. The ceremony gives the new Grade Ones a feeling of warmth, encouragement, and community as it aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment.

“The school ensured that learners felt welcomed and valued by ringing the bell, giving speeches, and engaging with the matrics, promoting a sense of belonging and togetherness,” said Mail.

Mail said to help Grade Ones transition smoothly into the preparatory school environment, Trinityhouse Glenvista has various support systems and initiatives in place.

“These include a Grade 0 transition programme where the children start wearing our PE uniform, participate in prep extra murals, and interhouse programmes and attend prep assemblies, all in preparation for the step into Grade One.

“Learners are also welcomed into their new class and meet their new teacher before the start of the year.

Consistent and continual support is available to assist learners in adapting to their new surroundings.

“Trinityhouse Glenvista promotes the development of friendships and a positive attitude towards learning among its youngest learners through collaborative projects, group activities, team-building exercises, and a nurturing classroom environment.

“By encouraging social interactions and fostering a love for learning, the school cultivates a supportive community where learners can thrive academically and socially,” said Mail.

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