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Oakdene young star born to dance

The four-year-old dancer's numerous accomplishments demonstrate that she is destined to dance.

Simone Venter (4) from Oakdene, Johannesburg South is an example of pure talent, perseverance and intelligence.

In February 2021, Simone began her first dance lessons, at the young age of one year and four months, with Sue Ellen Vermaak from Dance Génétique, situated in Brackendowns.

Simone attends Orionland Pre-school and this talented dancer was invited to participate in the Talent Africa Stars of the Universe International Performing Arts Cup.

She presented her acrobatics solo and was awarded gold. It was this magnificent performance that earned her international colours for participation.

In the same year, Simone started at Kiddies Aqua Alberton, with owner Rhoné Reeders, with a self-rescue water safety class and in March 2021, she began with the learn to swim class.

Her dance journey

At the age of two years and 11 months, little Simone participated in the Alberton Eisteddfod that took place during August 2022 and she was awarded ninety-plus and gold certificates for ballet trio and jazz trio.

Simone Venter wows the audience with her jazz performance.

In September 2022, her solo ballet performance earned her ninety-plus. Additionally, in July 2023, during the Alberton Eisteddfod competition, her skills earned her another ninety-plus for her ballet and acro performance.

Simone’s grandmother, Wanda Thesner said: “My granddaughter is often applauded for her talent, especially at her young age. She has made us proud since she took on dance. As she continued to compete in August 2023 in the Alberton Eisteddfod, Simone participated in the Afrikaans poetry section through Orionland Pre-school where she achieved a remarkable ninety plus.”

Her accolades as a toddler prove her passion for dance. To add to her many achievements, at the age of three years and eight months, Simone participated in Con Spirito Cultural Society competition where she received 87% for her performance in the group ballet category.

For this talented young dancer, it does not stop there as she has also competed in Feel the Heat presented by Elite Beat Dance Academy, receiving a diploma in both the ballet solo and jazz categories.

There is no stopping this young lady as she loves dancing and enjoys the big stage and spotlights. Simone participated in different dance forms in the May 2023 Talent Africa Local Division and received high silver.

Simone’s dance journey continued, during October 2023, when she ventured into gymnastics and joined Resilience Gymnastic Robertsham. Here she is taught rhythm gymnastics that will help improve her flexibility and be beneficial for her dancing.

Keen supporters

An assessment was done on Simone through the Academy of Dance Arts where she received honours plus for pre-primary Ballet and Copper Modern by Cindy Copper.

Four-year-old Simone Venter.

Simone’s dance, swimming and gymnastics training have helpped the young girl perfect her talent. Since she started swimming and dancing, Simone’s grandparents, Wanda and Andries Thesner – or, as Simone calls them ‘ou-mamma’ and ‘oupa Andries’ – have been her keenest supporters.

“We always ensure that she gets to her lessons and competitions on time. She just always had a love for swimming and dancing and we believe in harnessing her talent so she can be the best,” said her grandparents.

Simone will be relocating with her family to the UK in Northern Ireland soon. Her father, Coenie Venter, has been in the UK for the last five months. As he is settling down, Simone and her mom Melissa will join him there.

“We are extremely proud of her achievements at such a young age and we hope she will pursue dancing and swimming overseas,” said Wanda.

Her grandparents further highlighted: “Simone will leave an enormous emptiness in each and everyone that has the opportunity to cross paths with this talented four-year-old.”

The four-year-old dancer demonstrates flexibility during an acrobatic performance.

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