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Successful cricket match hosted at Sir John Adamson High School

The players demonstrated how fit and strong they are with good hand-eye coordination and their ball-handling skills.

Kern Le Roux, the 2014 head boy and former cricket captain of Mondeor High School, who was undefeated locally in the 2013 and 2014 cricket seasons, is now a teacher.

He is head of extracurricular activities and head cricket coach who recently hosted a successful cricket match at Sir John Adamson High School as a 10th-anniversary match.

Le Roux said cricket at Sir John Adamson High School was non-existent post-Covid-19. The first cricket season started from scratch, building a foundation by teaching players basics and creating a solid base to build on.

As a coach, Le Roux faced the challenge of getting cricket matches locally, yet despite the challenge, he managed to organise 13 games. “This is much more than if we were in an actual cricket league,” highlighted Le Roux.

He further added, “The newfound passion for cricket has been about keeping the boys and girls off the streets and out of mischief, with off days, weekends, late nights and early mornings dedicated to practising and playing.

“We have created a cricketing family. With some learners having no transportation, we ensure they are safe in our dangerous surrounding communities.”

The players’ academics were imminent. Their work ethics, independence and commitment were portrayed in their everyday lives whereby the boys and girls rolled their own pitch, cleaned their own nets and fundraised for outings and extra equipment.

The 10th anniversary served as a reminder of the passion and comradery that cricket brings. Coming together, new and old, the shared passion in the learners showcases discipline and sportsmanship.

“The day celebrated was bigger than just cricket but also about life skills, teamwork, principals, values, commitment, time management and support that is of great importance. It shows and proves that hard work and dedication can beat talent,” said Le Roux.

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