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Message From The Principal

We congratulate the Crawford College Lonehill Class of 2018 for their remarkable achievements in their final IEB matric examinations!  There were 209 distinctions, with one student succeeding with nine distinctions, five students obtaining eight distinctions, and four students getting seven distinctions! 

Over and above the distinctions, we also celebrate that most students showed continuous improvement in achievement levels as they progressed through our schools to the final Grade 12 examinations.  We believe that it is hard work, perseverance, resilience and collaboration, amongst others, that result in ultimate success.

Education is a journey that begins at birth and continues throughout life!  When a child or teenager joins our schools, these young people has had experiences that have shaped them into who they are, what they know, and what they are able to do at that moment.  At that moment is what is important here, and at Crawford Schools Lonehill we embrace the fact that a child’s past does not determine his or her destiny.

Therefore, we continue to encourage our students to adopt a growth mindset, a disposition towards believing ‘I can’.  At the same time we teach our students that ‘I can’ does not translate into ‘I will’ as a result of positive thinking alone, but requires time and effort on their part, as well as an ambition to take on challenging tasks, and accepting that there will be times at which they do not achieve their goals at that moment

What is important is that students are not discouraged by temporary setbacks at any particular moment, but rather see this as an opportunity to learn and grow, collaborate with others, and develop and implement global competencies and attitudes that enable them to reach their goals. With such a mindset, our students will excel, now and in the future!

Ingo Vogt


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