Car jammer caught after chase

FOURWAYS - Douglasdale police spokesperson Warrant Officer Balan Muthan confirmed that an arrest was made in Fourways Crossing's parking lot on 26 July at about 5pm.

29 July, 11.08am

Muthan said there was no robbery at the centre as previously reported. However, he said during a police operation in Fourways, a suspect driving a Mercedes Benz was chased and police arrested him at the centre for using a jamming device.

Muthan said numerous other arrests were made on 26 July ranging from dealing in liquor, driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of drugs.

27 July, 11.45am

Robbery at Fourways Crossing

There was an armed robbery at Fourways Crossing shopping centre at around 5pm last night.

It is suspected that the perpetrators were attempted to rob Mr Price but is not clear yet if they were successful.

The centre’s car guards said police arrived 20 minutes after the robbery and it is reported that one suspect was caught.

Spokesperson for Douglasdale police Warrant Officer Balan Muthan is trying to ascertain more information.

Keith van der Merwe, who works in the centre, said, “With working in the centre, it’s quite scary knowing this happened a few doors down.”

This is the third attempted robbery at the centre in the last few months.

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  1. Really this is getting out of hand now, we not safe anymore not even in our own homes. It is so sad because not even our own president care about our safety while he and his family are protected in every way. Everything in South Africa is corrupt!!!!!!

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