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Adopt a pup or build a shelter

CHARTWELL - Rescued puppies are a-plenty at Ark Animal Centre.

The animal rescue shelter specialises in puppies and pregnant dogs and is based in Chartwell on Cedar Road.

The centre’s Candice Eilertsen said there were many puppies in need of homes. There is a range of choices of breeds and ages. There are young nine-week-old pups, like the Labrador cross puppies Maggie and Magnum, or older dogs like Cougar, a two-year-old black Labrador cross who has already had a litter of puppies.

While adopting a puppy may not be on everyone’s agenda, anyone can contribute to the centre’s Buy-A-Brick Campaign.

Eilertsen said, “We need to sell R40 000 bricks to build our new shelter that will specifically cater for the hundreds of pregnant dogs and puppies that we rescue each year.”

Community members or companies can contribute anything from R50 to R25 000. Contributors’ names, logos or banners – depending on how many bricks are bought – will be mounted on a wall of honour.

Details: candice@arkanimalcentre.co.za

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