An act to remember

GLENFERNESS - Cedarwood School's foundation phase pupils, which consists of Grade R to Grade 3, participated in the school's mid-year production.

The play was based on a story by Oscar Wilde, entitled The Selfish Giant. “After weeks of preparation, the beautiful production went off without a hitch and our Cedarwood children learned lots about acting and stage presentation,” said Dawn Schmitz of Cedarwood School.

Schmitz said the play was about a special garden that belonged to a giant. “While he was away on a long journey, children played in his garden. On his return, he was so angry to see children in his garden that he banished them. He decided, without hesitation, to build a wall to prevent the children from entering his garden,” Schmitz explained.

The children found a way into the garden where the giant could not see them and would climb a tree just outside the wall.

“In this part of the garden, where the children secretly came to play, the seasons changed from spring to summer to autumn. Where the giant stood in the garden, which was hidden from where the children played, the winter season remained,” she said.

The giant eventually realises how selfish he has been and allows the children to play in his wonderful garden.

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