Women advised to be safety conscious

JOBURG - IN celebration of Women's Month in August, ADT Security has issued security and safety advice for women.

ADT Central Region managing director Clive Humphrey gives the following advice:

  • Stay aware. Awareness of yourself, your surroundings, and potential threats is the first and most effective line of defence. Criminals rely on an element of surprise and being alert at all times reduces the risk of being targeted.
  • Trust your sixth sense. If you feel that a situation isn’t safe, it probably isn’t.
  • If the criminal is after your purse or other items, hand them over or throw them one way while you run the other.
  • It may be worth considering buying a pepper spray if you enjoy walks or jogging. Keep it in hand at all times. Keep the spray on your person so that it is easily accessible when you need it.
  • Keep all doors locked and windows closed when driving to lessen the risk of a hijacking. Do not become distracted with cellphones, the radio and putting make-up on.
  • If you think you’re being followed, drive to your nearest police station or security boom.
  • Safety in cyberspace is also important. When communicating online, use a nickname and always keep personal information, such as home address and phone numbers confidential. Instruct family members to do the same.
  • At home, carry a panic button on you at all times and encourage your domestic worker to do the same. If you find an intruder in your home, try to escape into a room with a door that locks from the inside with a possible escape route such as a window. If you don’t have time, remain calm and follow the directions of the intruders. Avoid staring directly at their faces, but rather take note of defining aspects, such as shoes, scars etc in a non-obtrusive way.
  • Remember that you have the right to fight but only as a last resort. Whether or not you have self defence training, and no matter what your age or physical condition, it is important to understand that you have the legal right to defend yourself physically. Aim for the eyes first and the groin second. Use the element of surprise to your advantage – strike quickly and mean business.

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