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Karl Gustav: Art that utilises technology

FOURWAYS - Karl Gustav's first digital camera opened up the art world to the psychology major and computer programmer.

“Quarendo invenietis means ‘by seeking you will discover’. I see myself as an explorer, constantly discovering new things about this medium,” said Gustav.

Armed with a graphic tablet, infra-red pen, personal computer and photo-manipulation software, Gustav creates unique images.

The Fourways community can view his latest exhibition, Wrapped In Art, at Art Eye Gallery in the Design Quarter, which is a collection of the past 10 years of his work.

“They will experience some somber moments, as well as some light-hearted fun,” he added.

Gustav uses a digital brush to create artworks on canvas and perspex. “Photo manipulation evolved into graphics and eventually settled into me using this new brush in creating my own art works. In 1999, I decided to dedicate my time on a full-time basis to follow my dream and create my art. This bought me time to explore this form, from creation to final product.”

He is inspired by technology and is constantly searching for fresh ideas. “This technique is my art. I have no particular interest to make art with the traditional media. Art, science and technology have always walked hand-in-hand. People today are very techno-aware and I find they have no problem viewing, appreciating and acquiring art done with this technology.”

Life and people’s interactions inspire his work, along with his affinity for abstraction and the contrast between shapes.

Gustav’s first solo exhibition was in 2003 in Rosebank; he has since exhibited at 20 art exhibitions in South Africa and at four trade fairs abroad.

“Every exhibition is special in its own way, from the first until now. Each one has its own story, from a special reception to transportation problems, sell-outs and Monaco glitz. I treasure it all to make the story of my life,” he concluded.

Details: www.arteye.co.za

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