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ER24 paramedic stabbed and robbed

JOBURG - An ER24 paramedic was robbed and stabbed at an ATM in Alexandra on the morning of 14 May.

Kgaugelo Moroamohwebedu (25), who is based in Bryanston, was withdrawing money to catch his taxi to work when a BMW drove towards him and two men emerged from it.

According to Moroamohwebedu the attackers approached him and said, “Boy, give us your money.”

“I didn’t realise they were robbing me because they were smiling so I told them I didn’t have money,” said Moroamohwebedu.

He added that one of the robbers then went to the car to fetch what looked like a 9mm pistol and pointed it at Moroamohwebedu.The second man then broke his juice bottle and attempted to stab the paramedic in his face. He sustained four stab wounds on the arm trying to shield his face.

They demanded that he hand over his money and cellphone to which he complied. Unsatisfied with what they had, the robbers told him to hand over his utility vest and drugs but Moroamohwebedu refused.

“They assumed that because I am a paramedic I had medication such as morphine,” he explained.

After the men drove off his first instinct was to walk from Alexandra to his base office in Bryanston.

“When I got there the security guard ran into the office to tell the manager that I had been attacked,” said Moroamohwebedu.

He was then attended to by a doctor who stitched his wounds before a trauma counsellor saw him.

“This had never happened to me before so the trauma only set in as I was walking to base. I felt better after I spoke to the trauma counsellor.”

The incident has been reported to the police.

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