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Start the year by welcoming an Ark pup

CHARTWELL - The new year is here and Ark Animal Centre has a host of new canine residents up for adoption.

The centre is the leading rescue and rehabilitation shelter specialising in the care of puppies and pregnant mother dogs in South Africa.

This year Ark is also introducing a dedicated sterilisation facility at their premises that will offer pet sterilisations for pet owners who cannot afford the procedure.

Ark currently has a number of puppies and dogs up for adoption such as one-year-old All Star, 18-month-old Monkey and six-month-old Xena, who is an unusual cross between a pitbull and sharpei.

Tracy Otto, manager of Ark Animal Centre said an adoption fee of R900 would apply which includes inoculations, a rabies shot, de-worming and sterilisation when the puppy reaches six months of age.

For directions to the shelter or for adoption inquiries visit the Ark Animal Centre website or contact Candice Eilertsen.

Details: www.arkanimalcentre.co.za; candice@arkanimalcentre.co.za; 087 742 2211

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