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Gauteng 10111 Wellness Day

JOBURG - Gauteng 10111 recently had a team building and wellness day to rejuvenate shift members.

Captain Pinky Tsinyane said, “The centre is the only one in Gauteng servicing about 12.5 million people for 24 hours. We value our service and our employees and want to build a strong collaboration culture across all the shifts.”

She said the aim of the team-building initiative was to enhance and entrench the culture of working together among South African Police Service members.

Tsinyane stated that communities benefit more when shift members work well together.

The support members team building was held in various areas, namely Fountains Valley in Pretoria; Alpha Shift members were at Boston Barbeque and Bravo Shift members were at Johannesburg Zoo. The Delta shift went to Leeuwkop Prison Resort.

“Communities are experiencing difficulties in dealing with crime. Members have committed themselves to always help the communities with pride and dignity,” said Tsinyane.

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