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Tyre tips that everyone can use

Duncan and Petunia’s wedding day is finally a mere week away, and what a ride it’s been.

Duncan and Petunia’s wedding day is finally a mere week away, and what a ride it’s been.

Just a few weeks ago, between searching for the right wedding venue and drawing up a budget, their journey has not been without a few bumps on the road.

As the couple enter a new chapter in their lives, they fondly remember the many experiences they’ve shared, particularly while on the road.

“Remember that time you got a flat tyre on your way to our engagement party?” Petunia asks Duncan, as they cosy up to an evening glass of wine.

“Of course! How could I forget?” Duncan chuckles. “The funny thing is that my flat tyre was just the start of other hiccups with my car. If it weren’t for Dunlop, I don’t know what we would have done.”

Luckily, Duncan knew how to change his car tyre, and managed to drive safely to his nearest Dunlop Zone from Fourways to ensure that everything checked out. Not many know how to change their tyres, and this puts them at risk.

“Let’s not forget the time my car suddenly started skidding off the road,” Petunia added. “I knew my wheels were worn, but not to that extent. My tread depth was below one millimetre. ”

Skidding is a tell-tale sign of worn tyres. In some cases, if one continues to drive with tyres in such a state, it can be risky for both driver and car. Always ensure that you have tread depth of one millimetre, as per the legal recommendation. You’ll be a safe, and so will your car.

Use the following quick tips to avoid a tyre failure:

duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Inspect – Check all your tyres frequently for any signs of irregularities or damage like sidewall damage, cuts, scuffs and bulges.
duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Be aware of punctures – If you find you often have to top up your tyres with air, there is a possibility that you have a small puncture, which should be repaired as soon as possible.
duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Watch out for potholes – The scourge of our roads are often difficult to avoid and invariably crop up when we least expect it.
duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Tread carefully – Tyre treads that are worn or smooth on the roads are dangerous, especially in the wet because smooth tyres lack the grip needed for your car to stay firmly on the road.
duncan-the-dunlop-tyre-guy Remember the spare – It’s vital to remember your spare tyre when checking the condition of your other tyres.

Because of their frequent visits to the Dunlop Zone, and actively monitoring any changes to their car, they can rest easy that come wedding day, their cars will be in top form.

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