Chairperson of Douglasdale CPF’s year-end message

DOUGLASDALE - Chairperson of the Douglasdale Community Policing Forum (CPF) Jean Berdou, shared his year-end message as he reflected on 2015.


Berdou said the year had been interesting with many challenges and blessings for the greater Fourways community.

“We have had many achievements and hurdles at the Douglasdale Police Station and the team has pulled through together, emerging stronger and united,” he said.

“This has been one of the toughest set of circumstances for policing nationally, let alone the difficulties at our local station.”

He added that the CPF had to redouble its efforts in the future to focus on helping keep the community safe and maintaining community policing relations at the high levels they needed to be.

“Our new Station Commander Brigadier Lettie Hugo has brought her incredible experience and reputation to bear at our station, and we have managed to raise the public’s confidence and improve service delivery.”

He added that contrary to the upward national trend in crime stats, the Douglasdale area had a reduction in many categories of crimes.

Berdou was pleased with the financial support the CPF had received throughout the year by sponsors such as Steyn City, Auto and General and Paul’s Gates. The forum was able to purchase new police vehicles, equipment for the station and refurbish the station.

“Without these vital interactions with the community, including the community providing the police with crime intelligence, the job of the [police] would have been far more difficult.

“We call upon our community to be vigilant this festive season, and we have set out some instructions what to look out for on the Douglasdale CPF Facebook page.

“It remains for the Douglasdale CPF to wish our greater Fourways community a peaceful crime-free Christmas, and prosperous and blessed new year.”


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