Warrant Officer Balan Muthan sets the record straight on Randpark Ridge shooting

FOURWAYS – Warrant Officer Balan Muthan, head of communications for the Douglasdale Police Station, has come forward after being given incorrect information which he relayed to the media. This after a teenage boy was shot during a robbery on 4 March in Randpark Ridge.


In a report in the Randburg Sun, Muthan was quoted as confirming that the teenage boy had died during surgery.

“The information I supplied [to the media] was information we received from the duty officer of the Honeydew Police Station detectives, who was on duty at the time,” Muthan explained.

“The detective supplied me with incorrect information, which I then relayed to the media.”

In an updated article, the newspaper reported that the boy was recovering in the intensive care unit at Netcare Olivedale Hospital.

The brother of the boy, Tiaan van Zyl was quoted as saying, “My brother is in the ICU in a stable condition.

“Three suspects came into our home at 11pm. Three shots were fired at my mom and dad. The third shot hit my brother after he hit one of the suspects with a bat. A vehicle, firearm and other valuables were stolen from our home.”

Muthan apologised for any pain caused to the family.


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