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Keep children safe

JOBURG - Keep children safe and cared for at all times


With holidays in full swing, parents are encouraged to pay extra attention to their little ones.

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When at home or out, heed the following advice:

  •  Keep dangerous items away and out of reach of children. From chemicals and firearms, to adult internet sites, make sure dangerous items are out of reach of children. Guns should be locked in safes.
  • Be a maintenance nerd and ensure all electrical points and outlets are secured, as well as other dangerous areas within the home. Frayed electrical wires can cause fires; and pool nets need to be in place. Often accidents happen when security measures we all know about have been forgotten or left to another day.
  • Teach your children well about securing the home. Show your children how to set the alarm and explain to them why they should not let strangers into the home, or even talk to them. Educate them about what steps to take in an emergency and show them how to use panic buttons. Make sure they know the uniform of your security response company as well as all security numbers. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • If you allow your children to walk to a friend’s house, walk the route with them first. Get them to check in with you when they leave and arrive at the home and impress on them why they need to stick to the route and keep away from fields and deserted areas.
  • Children learn by example so it is important to set a good example. Do all the things you ask them to do.
  • Have a list of emergency numbers in a prominent place in the home.
  • Teach your children about first aid and maintain a comprehensive first aid kit within the home.

From a cellphone, dial 112. Any cellphone provider will accept 112 when dialled and the call taker will patch your call through to the local government emergency service and police. Do not use the 10111 police emergency number for fire or medical emergencies. This only delays the response. Call 10177 for fire and medical emergencies instead, although this number may be different depending on where you are in South Africa. Generally, 10177 is accepted from any Telkom line and is toll-free across the country.


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