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Passionate about education in Zandspruit

FOURWAYS – Acts of Love brings new hope to Masakhane-Tswelelopele Primary School in Zandspruit knowing that one day the children will pay it forward. Read more here.


Acts Christian Church is passionate about education and even though Mandela Day only requires 67 minutes it was more like 6 hours and 7 minutes for this passionate team. Acts of Love went to Masakhane-Tswelelopele Primary School in Zandspruit and spent most of the day painting, cleaning and repairing several classrooms and common areas.

Corporate sponsors for Acts of Love brought in 10 wooden bench sets which they painted and placed in the play area for the kids to sit at during lunch breaks. Janine Suthiram from Acts of Love said, “The jungle gym areas were painted in striking colours to make the play area happy and warm. The library was reorganised and new shelving installed.”

The Acts of Love team paints the jungle gym to celebrate Mandela Day. Photo: Loshnee Lyer

She explained that the donated books were catalogued and placed in the library. Four huge mobile book trolleys were donated so that teachers could take the books to the classrooms as the library space is small and can only accommodate a handful of children at a time. The volunteers were enthusiastic and happy while they worked hard on the improvements at the school. Many of them said they would have loved to be present to see the expressions on the children’s faces when they returned from the school holidays.

The school principal Annah Lebethe said she has always wanted the school to be an oasis for the children; a place to escape life’s hardships. “Now, because of Acts of Love they will have [a safe harbour]. Now the kids will have a place where they can be free to learn and grow surrounded by the love that has been put into the school.”

Vice Principal Francis Maponyane said, “I cannot express enough thanks to Acts Christian Church and Acts of Love for the helping hand they have given the precious kids at this school.”

Suthiram added, “Acts of Love would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors for making the project a success. The new environment that has been created for the kids will show them just how loved they are and will inspire them to learn and one day become contributing members of society. They will pay this kindness forward to someone else in need.”

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