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Growing women in ICT industry

JOBURG – Woman awarded full bursary to study ICT.


The Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year by continuing to grow its Women in IT forum.

The institute is a body which aims to further the study, science and application of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) as well as maintain and promote ethics and codes of conduct.

The forum provides women and young girls with bursaries and mentorship programmes to develop their skills in ICT.

Since the institute established the forum last year, it has provided one student with a full scholarship to university while also providing three schoolgirls with the opportunity to study IT as a subject in schools which do not offer the subject.

“As a part of the forum we want to reach young learners who want to take up ICT. The biggest challenge is that a lot of schools do not offer ICT subjects so through this programme we want to provide scholarships for young learners who do not have an opportunity to study ICT,” said Ulandi Exner, the president of the institute.

“With skills development and encouraging more women to enter the ICT field as key focus areas for the institute, we achieved a real milestone this year when we awarded our first bursary to a young woman studying ICT at Wits University.”

Series of bronze sculptures to be displayed in celebration of Women’s Month

Moira de Roche, the director for the institute said, “There is also another issue. Even if we get women into ICT, keeping them in ICT is another thing. The environment is not very supportive to women so it’s the challenge of keeping them in it.”

The institute also ensures that those who are members adhere to strict standards of ethics and behaviour.

In celebration of the anniversary, the organisation will also host a gala on 8 November to celebrate incredible individuals in the ICT community who have made an impact.


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