Regard your safety when driving in the area

DOUGLASDALE – Tips to avoid becoming a victim of a hijacking.


In a mission to curb hijackings in the area, Douglasdale police spokesperson Captain Mpho Tshetlhane pleaded with community members to regard their safety when driving around in the area.

She explained that it was important to apply safety measures while driving the area. “I appeal that community members to abide by the following tips to avoid being hijacked in the area.”

  • Vary the route you travel every day if possible
  • If approached by a stranger while you’re still in your car, drive off or press your hooter to attract attention
  • If there are strangers who loiter around your driveway, rather drive past, if they loiter for a long time, report them to your nearest police station
  • Hijackers may stage a minor accident in order to approach your car
  • If your car is bumped at the back and you don’t feel comfortable with the individuals involved, rather drive to your nearest police station for help
  • Avoid parking your car in an isolated area, where there are no security guards or other cars
  • Do not leave your firearm in the glove compartment or anywhere in the car when it has been parked. This is against the law
  • Make sure your car doors and windows are properly locked once you have parked your car
  • Put all valuable items in the boot of your car when it is parked or when driving
  • Be aware of people who inform you that you have a flat tyre, it can be used as a diversion to rob you
  • Always close your windows when driving in the city centre.

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