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Creator talks about Neon Runner game

NORTH RIDING – Damian Dowie from North Riding, along with three classmates who study game design with him, have designed their very own game called Neon Runner which is now available to the public.


Youth Month may be over, but that has not stopped young Fourways residents from putting their best foot forward.

Damian Dowie is in his second year at Vega, studying an Independent Institute of Education Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree in game design and development.

As part of a recent college project, the 23-year-old along with three other classmates have created their very own game, Neon Runner, that is now available to the public.

“Neon Runner is an endless runner game in which the player plays as a cube and must evade obstacles as they navigate through a vapor-wave inspired world,” he told the Fourways Review.

“It is a simple game from a gameplay standpoint as we wanted something people could quickly hop onto in order to kill five minutes of their spare time – that being said, many people who have played the game have told us that it’s quite addictive.”

Bowie’s teammates on the project were Peter van der Merwe, Dylan Ramsden, and Dylan Mitchell. Although the project was initially schoolwork, it was also a chance for them to challenge themselves and be creative. The game was officially released on Google Play on 25 April and will soon be released on the Apple App Store too.

“I hope to inspire future game designers by encouraging them to follow their passion. I also hope to educate students about the fact that there is a degree in game design because I don’t think many people know something like it exists,” he concluded.

After the success of Neon Runner, the four decided to start their own independent game studio called Project Pixel.

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