King’s College little ones enlightened on book day

DOUGLASDALE – The King's College hosted an interactive Book Day online.

While many of the King’s College little ones continue their learning experience from home, the school’s teachers thought that it would be fun to host an interactive Book Day online.

The event formed part of the school’s annual Book Week. Teacher Nancy Barber, who helped to organise the event said, “We are looked forward with much anticipation to celebrating our Book Week, which had to be done a little differently this year.”

The school’s children were encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character if they wanted to make the experience more enlightening as they explored the world of books with their teachers remotely.

Each grade had a link shared on their Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp class group that gave them access a book day interactive library. In the interactive library, there were detailed instructions on how to access all the fun tasks designed for the day. There were some fun art and music activities incorporated into the library.

“For the first time, we had an online interactive Book Day filled with audiobooks, music, art and online book games via interactive libraries that our little ones could experience. This day proved to be so much fun. Our preparatory school learners went all out dressing up as their favourite book characters.”
Barber concluded, “We would like to give a big congratulations to all those who dressed up and put in so much effort, as well as all staff members involved.”

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