Sunninghill preschool teacher shares her passion for teaching

One teacher from Junior Colleges Sunninghill, Mikaila Sher enjoys the experience of teaching and helping young learners.

One Junior Colleges Sunninghill teacher takes pride in shaping the minds of young children.

Mikaila Sher (23) has been teaching for five years. She currently teaches a Grade 0 class and revels in every moment.
While she tutors learners older than nine, she has always enjoyed teaching younger children. “I love the sweetness of a young person. They just say things the way they are. They give you love, and there is purity here. You can never come to work and have a dull day,” she said.

Grade 0 teacher at Junior Colleges Sunninghill, Mikaila Sher proudly stands at the entrance to her classroom. Photo: Khomotso Makgabutlane

“You get hugs, you get cuddles. There is always something to laugh at and be happy about. When a child comes to you and tells a story about something that happened, it’s maybe the best part of it. There is a rawness and kindness from them.”
Elaborating on moments experienced in the classroom, Sher said she was pleasantly surprised at the level her children are at. “The excitement of teaching really is that there is not a dull moment. My class this year is incredibly bright. When I started, I had prepared for work at a certain level. I saw that I had to go up two steps because they were too clever for what I initially had.”

She had been uncertain about what she wanted to do after Grade 12. Her mother encouraged her to go into teaching. “When I set foot in a classroom for the first time, I just knew it was what I wanted to do. Now I’m here, and there’s no turning back. I’m going to be furthering my degree to do my honours in remedial education at the University of Pretoria.”
Now in her remedial degree, the preschool teacher hopes to make a difference in the lives of children who need extra help. “It’s a path I’ve always wanted to take. Working with children is so rewarding. Working with children who need additional assistance brings more excitement and reward.
“Wherever I can help and transform the education system is the grand plan for me. Our system needs help, and the more passionate teachers who can help, the better.”

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