Domestic workers get crime awareness tips

Douglasdale police embarked on a crime awareness campaign with various stakeholders.

The police station in Douglasdale is taking measures to tackle the issue of crime within their jurisdiction and ensure the safety and well-being of the local community.

On April 17 at Fourways Gardens Estate, the police collaborated with the CPF, Netcare, 24/7 Security Services, Fire Ops, and Impact Baby Rescue to conduct an awareness campaign aimed at domestic workers.

During the campaign, the police educated the attendees on various topics such as the Domestic Violence Amendment Act, gender-based violence, protection orders, services available for victims, and the significance of speaking up against abuse and reporting criminal activities.

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Through this joint initiative, the police and their partners aim to empower the community and create a safer environment for everyone. 24/7 Security Services raised awareness about home safety tips and the role of their k9 unit. Netcare presented various situations where first aid could save a life including pool safety, choking, burns and potential home emergencies.
Fire Ops presented on fire safety at home and demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher.

Domestic workers receive valuable lessons on crime prevention.
Domestic workers receive valuable lessons on crime prevention.

Impact Baby Rescue outlined their programmes and stressed the importance that it was never necessary for mothers to dump their babies out of helplessness.

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Fourways Gardens resident liaison and communications manager Elmine Clarke said the campaign started a few years ago as an information session for cleaners, nannies and gardeners but has grown into a much-appreciated morning of learning for the domestic staff of residents.
She said the attendees learnt new skills, obtained information and became aware of the safety risks associated with the crime levels in South Africa.
“We would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend and for the audience who were interactive and posed many questions. This was testimony to how necessary these information mornings are. Great thanks to the speakers who were engaging and had so many interesting tips and information to share. We look forward to hosting another safety forum towards the end of the year.”

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