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Crawford Lonehill is proud of its soccer stars

Crawford International Lonehill celebrates its soccer team for netting all the important goals.

Oratile Phasha, Mudodzwa Mudodwa, Zethembiso Zungu, and Odirile Molamu from Crawford International Lonehill are the crème de la crème of the school as they are celebrated for a remarkable achievement as several students excelled in recent soccer events.

The learners earned spots on the Owl’s District Area Team.

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At the Discovery Soccer Festival, hosted at Marks Park in May, the learners did not hold back when they displayed their outstanding abilities and commitment, to deliver an impressive performance that left a lasting impression on the school community.

The festival was an opportunity for the Southern team to compete at a provincial level according to the school’s client experience officer, Louise Clarke-Mathers.

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Mudodzwa Mudogwa, Odirile Molamu, Michael Johnson, Oratile Phasha, and Zethembiso Zungu.
Mudodzwa Mudogwa, Odirile Molamu, Michael Johnson, Oratile Phasha, and Zethembiso Zungu.

She said during this three-day event, the boys demonstrated their impressive skills and talent. As a result of their success, Kieran Slater and Riley Shields were selected to represent the Wolves District Area Team.

“They went on to compete at the Discovery Festival, which took place on June 1 at Crawford International Sandton.”

Both of these girls’ outstanding play have led them to be selected for the Provincial Squad.

They are set to represent Southerns at the prestigious Fran Hilton Smith National Tournament in August.

“These achievements highlight the dedication and talent present at Crawford International Lonehill. The school community is incredibly proud of Oritile, Mudodzswa, Zethembiso, Odirile, Kieran, and Riley.

“Their hard work and perseverance have earned them well-deserved recognition and the opportunity to compete at higher levels, showcasing their abilities on a national stage.”

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