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DearSA wants youth to have their say

DearSA recently hosted a prestigious award ceremony to honour and recognise outstanding youths from all corners of the country.

On June 13, DearSA, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing a platform for citizens to actively influence government policy, held its inaugural DearSA Youth Leaders Awards at an exclusive event at Montecasino.

Chloe Castle, the CEO of the organisation, was glowing from within as she said this prestigious event lived exactly up to its mission and vision.

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She said the awards seek to recognise and honour the top five young South Africans who are actively creating a positive impact in their communities or nationwide. The awards were presented across five categories: politics and government, civil society, business, sports, culture and entertainment, and media.

“We have been around since 2018. We thought as new laws come in, for instance, the National Health Insurance Bill, why not involve the youth to comment on it. Those were our initial thoughts when DearSA was founded.”

She said as we set our sights on shaping the future of South Africa, it is important to recognise the invaluable potential of the youth of today.

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Charles and Chloe Castle make up some of the DearSA team.
Charles and Chloe Castle make up some of the DearSA team.

Castle believes in this generation because it is uniquely positioned to tackle upcoming challenges, take the helm of organisations, develop impactful policies, drive innovation, and uphold or reshape democratic principles and justice systems.

“They are already doing it and it is time we acknowledge the impact they make,” she added.

“Younger leaders are more likely to challenge how things are done and push for improvement. They are results-driven and focus on achieving their goals. With these awards, We want to highlight the achievements of these dynamic individuals, lending credence to their work and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.”

During the announcement of the winner, Castle explained that the winner is chosen through a combination of public votes and evaluations by a panel at DearSA, with each contributing 50% to the final decision.

She said the public voting took place on the DearSA website from February 1 to April 30, while the panel’s assessment is currently in progress. She also mentioned that the winner in each category will be awarded a cash prize of R7 500.

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